I am proud to say I’m a Hoosier!  And with that said, I know I’m in good company; James Dean, Purdue University, Orville Redenbacher and some of our newest cheeses hail from this great state.  Fresh goat cheese from Capriole Inc. of Greenville, Indiana produces some of the yummiest and freshest cheese out there. Because it is meant to be enjoyed young, timing is everything.

How Capriole got started: Judy Schad, owner and operator of Carpriole, said, “We knew nothing about farming or farm animals. We had to have animals, lots of them, but the dairy goats–independent, mischievous, and loving–stole our hearts. When we tasted our first soft, acidic chevres from the new American cheese makers, we knew–this was what goat milk was for! In 1988 we began making cheese in a “show and tell” cheeserie at nearby Huber Orchard and Winery. After hauling milk at 4am and ladling it at 11 p.m. for two years, we moved our cheese making to the farm. Our goat family has grown to include 400 Alpine, Saanen, and Nubians. We have a wonderful team of seven employees in the barn and cheeserie. From milk to cheese to customer, the process begins and ends on the farm and is one we all share with personal pride”.

Wabash Cannonball is a great little gem that may not look so pretty on the outside but man; it’s absolutely lovely on the inside. Each ball is handmade by Judy. It’s fresh, flavorful and a perfect addition to any cheese board. Dusted with ash, this little chevre is thin-skinned, white, and slightly wrinkled when new. At 3 weeks the geotrichum rind becomes more deeply wrinkled and the ash begins to appear through the rind. The pate becomes denser, and eventually, at 3-5 weeks, is drier and more crumbly. Great at all its stages, this is a perennial favorite. Pair with a chilled Sauterne or sweet Moscato wine as, or before, dessert. This cheese is wonderful with figs–a variation is to place a ¼ wedge on a fig. Drizzle with a light simple syrup infused with vanilla bean & lavender, rosemary, or lemon verbena. Steve, our store manager, is a little enamored by this cheese!

Julianna was the centerfold for Culture Magazine this summer. And rightly so, it is rolled in dried herbs which give it its unique flavor.  She is a beauty on the outside and on the inside.  Buttery and smooth yet nutty and firm with a mushroomy natural rind of herbs, which compliment the fresh goat cheese perfectly. Pair with a Pinot Gris or a great Belgian Ale. Out of all the Caprioles at V&T, Julianna is my top pick!

Mont St. Francis can be thought of as intense, beefy and earthy. It is a hearty, stinky, cheese, semi-hard and rich. “It’s not for the faint of heart!” It pairs well with bourbon, bitter beers or fruity, fortified wines. From Judy, “Trying to think of something that this doesn’t go with–from pickles and ESB beers to shaving it on peaches burned off with bourbon and brown sugar.  Chocolate also works, but our favorite condiment is a pear or pumpkin mostarda. Pairs well with: a spicy Pinot Noir; a fruity, late harvest Zin; and the sweet vanilla and caramel edges of smooth bourbon.”

Old Kentucky Tomme is WONDERFUL!!  Our first wheel tasted, to me, like roasted corn. Our newest wheel is lovely. That is the best thing about cheese, each wheel is slightly different, especially the fresh cheeses that have been aged only a short time. The white pate is white and smooth. The taste is creamy and perfectly goaty! With each bite, it is slowly becoming one of my favorite goat cheeses.  This is a wonderful melting cheese and in combination with savory elements or gratins, tapenades, and especially grilled apples and onions.  At its ripest, it’s meant for a cheese tray. Try it with yellow tomato and ginger preserves…WOW!  It pairs well when young with soft red wines and when older, with Chardonnay or Sauternes.

Fresh Rounds and Logs (Plain and Herb) are an excellent addition to your salad, cheese plate or on top of baked chicken that’s been crusted with citrus pepper. Our newest addition is the fresh log infused with basil…YUM! I adore the fresh rounds rolled in Herbes de Provence, spread on a toasted baguette with a slice of honeycrisp apple.  These logs pair well with light, acidic wines such as a Sauvignon Blanc.

O’Bannon is wrapped in chestnut leaves that have been soaked in bourbon. The leaves give the cheese its unexpected taste. The tannins in the leaves and the bourbon combine to give this creamy, dense cheese just a nuance of a kick!  At 2 months old it’s better than at 2 weeks.  Pair with fruity Champagnes and California Viogniers.

Capriole offers more unique cheeses that we hope to offer you in the future. With these beauties being so fresh there is no time to waste… bring them home today.


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