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Last Minute Gift Idea from Vine & Table

Shortly after a friend moved into her first house I joined her and others for dinner. I came early to help and proceeded to set the table. When it came time to place the glassware she struggled to find enough matching wine glasses for the group. I took notice: wine glasses would make the perfect gift for her (of course, with a great bottle of wine!)

I love combining beverage with the appropriate vessel. A set of flutes with a bottle of Veuve Cliquot around the holidays as something special to ring in the New Year; some mugs with hot cocoa, Lazzaroni Amaretto and hand-crafted marshmallows; or a couple Riedel glasses with a bottle of wine. I do this because long after the beverage is gone, my friend will still have a gift to cherish. Plus, if it is someone you frequently buy gifts for, you can work to “build a set”, gifting, say, two Riedel glasses at a time for occasions such as Christmas, a birthday and an anniversary. This helps answer the question of “what do I get them?” for a while, helping ease the anxiety over gift giving.

Our team at Vine & Table can help you select the perfect gift today or put together a gift basket. Me, I like to curate the items going into my basket and assemble my own baskets at home. I love making bows and enjoy carefully and precisely packing everything together. But it takes time. A lot of time. So if you don’t have that time, but need a gift on the go, Vine & Table has a number of gift baskets ready to give. Stop by today to find the perfect one!

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