Vine & Table hosts as Bourbon Women Launch Indiana Chapter

There was a whole lot of shaken and stirring going on Thursday when Vine & Table hosted the very special north-side launch of the Indiana chapter of Bourbon Women. With over 200 in attendance, it is little wonder why Indianapolis was chosen as the next chapter hub for this growing organization of women who love bourbon. Now the women of Indy can join the hundreds of members in 23 states and countries in their love for all things bourbon.Bourbon Women Peggy Stevens, Natalie Clayton and Vine & Table's Bethann Kendall

Bourbon Women Peggy Stevens, Natalie Clayton and Vine & Table’s Bethann Kendall

Just like bourbon (a uniquely American whiskey made from corn and stored in charred oak barrels) finds its roots in our neighboring state of Kentucky, so does Bourbon Women. The organization was founded in 2011 by Peggy Noe Stevens, the first ever female Master Bourbon Taster in the world. Her impetus for creating a woman’s forum came from 25 years of experience in the beverage industry and seeing women underrepresented in her tasting audiences. So all ears were listening as Peggy and Natalie Clayton, founder of Indiana’s chapter, shared their extensive knowledge with guests, offered details of the group’s mission and the great resources it offers its members.

Sampling products from topnotch distilleries.

Sampling products from topnotch distilleries.

This relaxed Sip & Shop event was a smashing success with both newcomers to the world of bourbon and aficionados mingling and sampling products from topnotch distilleries, including Heaven Hill, Buffalo Trace, High West, Bulleit, Wild Turkey, Backbone Bourbon Co., Garrison Brothers and several others.

Bourbon Cocktails were a hit.

Bourbon Cocktails were a hit.

Another highlight of the evening was the bourbon cocktails presented by our resident V&T Mixologist Rick Rehmer. Rick featured four cocktails for the evening. It was difficult to choose a favorite, so you might need mix a batch yourself and cast your vote between the Cherry Manhattan, Porch Punch, Buck Hunter and Hipster Kiss. >>Get Recipes Here!

Don’t worry if you missed out on this event. If you want to acquaint yourselves with the global phenomenon that is bourbon, or are already a fan looking to connect with other women who share your enthusiasm, you too can join Bourbon Women.

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