80 pounds of Pure Bliss

Being part Italian, I’m a little partial to all things from the beautiful boot country, whether the language, the wine or the food! The cheese of my ancestral homeland is no different. Who doesn’t love a hearty Pecorino or the luxurious Sottocenere?  Although, NOTHING can top straight-from-the-wheel Parmigiano-Reggiano!

Recently, I broke my first 80 pound wheel of Parmigiano, what a feat!  Mouth-watering, taste bud tingling, jaw-dropping, smile inducing scents emanated from this cheese when the wheel was broken for the first time. The wheels are aged a minimum of 12 months and the older the cheese, the better the aroma!

We have all enjoyed this delicious, full-flavored cheese on pasta, salads and soups. But did you ever think about eating it like a true Italian – taking chunks off a wedge while enjoying your meal? It is an excellent table cheese to be enjoyed with a meal or anytime – day or night! Drizzle it with an aged balsamic or serve it with ripe peaches or apricots and you’ve got the perfect snack. Add some dates, a little prosciutto, a lovely bottle of Barbaresco and you’ve got yourself a meal!

Oh geez, I just made my mouth water!
Mangiate, amici miei!

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  1. Before I stopped into your store and met Mr. Fromage there, I would have never believed cheese could be worth $16 a pound. He gave me and my friend probably 1/3lb to try and we about died and went to heaven. I’ve since become addicted to the Cave-Aged Gruyere as well. Ridiculously good stuff.

    Thank you for such a great store.

    • Hi Michael!
      Thanks for the comment. I totally agree with you. Parm is totally worth it.
      Cave Aged Gruyere is one of my absolute favorites!!! The flavors are amazing.
      Next time you’re in the store, stop by cheeseland and say hello.

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