Tradition runs deep in Armagnac

Damian and Brendan are on the hunt to find some great wines for the store and have been doing a terrific job seeking out well-made and well-priced vino from lesser-known producers; meanwhile Jordan and I have been attempting to do the same for our French brandy section. It was while I was flipping through a small French wine importer’s catalog a few weeks ago that I came across a reference to Château de Lacquy Armagnac. LacquyThis was the only spirit in their book and upon further investigation it turned out that this was a producer with some serious history. Château de Lacquy has been producing Armagnac by the same family since 1711, making them the oldest family-owned producer in the Armagnac region. I requested a sample and upon tasting it and receiving pricing, requested our first shipment, which has arrived. I am really excited about Château de Lacquy as it is the beginning of a new chapter for us in regards to sourcing small, independent, quality producers and sharing their products with you.

Château de Lacquy, like many Armagnac producers, has not strayed from the path that was set by its forefathers. Tradition runs deep here and processes that were employed back in the 1700s are still practiced today. The Boisseson family, who have owned the Chateau since its founding, have not gone down the path of the big boys and refuse to manipulate their brandy by adding caramel color, sugar water, or other additives. And this attention to detail can be seen in this lovely VSOP expression.

The nose is wonderfully rich with notes of stewed apple, nuts, and some spice while the palate entry is rich and robust but at the same time remarkably soft and subtle, with great length in the finish. This is a well-made, well-rounded brandy that had me coming back for more and is a great addition to our brandy section!

Château de Lacquy VSOP Armagnac – $64.99

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