A Hemmingway escape: Papa’s Pilar Marquesas Rum

We have been preaching the virtues of good rum for the last several years. From Agricoles to Jamaicans we’ve prided ourselves in bringing some of the best bottles the rum world has to offer right to the shelves of Indiana. Throughout this journey one name consistently arises, Papa’s Pilar. Named for Ernest “Papa” Hemingway, these rums produce a consistently smooth decadent pour that is perfect on its own but priced affordably enough to blend into world class cocktails. Nowhere is that more evident than in our latest private selection, taken from their Marquesas blend program.

The Marquesas blend was inspired by the Marquesas Keys, a wild group of mangrove islands where “Papa” Hemingway learned the craft and lore of the local fisherman, dined sumptuously, and enjoyed rum and whiskey long into the night. From the moment we tasted this bottle we knew we had to have it all. The blend itself is proprietary but is said to include several rums in excess of 20 years old. Finishing in bourbon, port, and sherry casks gives this rum one of the most complex palates I’ve experienced in a rum and tells you from the start that this is no average pour.

On the nose, this richly hued rum has aromas of sawdust, sweet orange and a twinge of spearmint. It has lovely flavors of maple, vanilla, cocoa and candied orange peel. If you were in a cocktail mood this would make a fantastic variation of an Old Fashioned sweetened with a touch of maple syrup, and it’s also a great sip on its own. This blend can only be found at Vine & Table and will not last long so don’t hesitate to stop by for our latest taste of the Islands.

Buy Online while supplies last: Papas Pilar Marquessa Blend $48.99


Dave Helt
Spirits Buyer
Vine & Table



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