a learning experience…

Last Friday we launched Vine & Table’s first in-store Flash Sale. A Flash Sale is a limited-time offer of high discounts. Groupon is probably the most recognizable online Flash-Sale company. The period of time for a flash sale can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

Friday’s sale was a tremendous success in that the product sold out in less that 5 hours. It was also a learning experience for me, as the email that I sent out did not include some essential details, such as ‘while supplies last,’ ‘first come first served,’ and ‘in-store or phone orders only.’ For the people who traveled to the store on Friday evening and Saturday only to find the stock gone, all i can do is offer my sincerest apology. I could not have foreseen the demand for something like this, but in hindsight  could have been more prepared. Unfortunately, in the case of last Friday’s whisky, I bought the last cases available in the state as the distributor was closing it out, so there was a limited quantity and no more to be had.

I would like to make it up to the people who were disappointed last week by offering another deal (with a lot more product available this time!) for Friday and Saturday. The sale will be sent out Friday and if you would like to avail of the deal, then you may either come into the store or phone us with your credit card details. To give you a hint,- it is a peated Highland single malt that after one sip will have you craving ‘more’.

Thank you, and again, my sincerest apologies.


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  1. Even as one who missed out on the best deal on Glenfarclas 105 EVER, I’d call the first flash-sale a success. It’s created quite a buzz amongst several of us who follow the store and I can already hear the engines revving as the race to grab the next deal approaches. You snooze, you loose – lesson learned – so get ready for the rush!

    • Thanks for the support Aaron. I’m sorry that you missed out as I know you are a seasoned Glenfarclas man. I think I can set things right tomorrow.

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