A New Beginning…

Welcome. I hope you will join me and my colleagues on this new platform for Vine & Table. I am very excited to see it finally come to fruition. We have all worked hard to get to this point where we can communicate more effectively with you. All of the buyers here, me included, have lots of news, educational pieces and random things to tell you.  The world of wine, spirits, beer and food is constantly changing and ‘eat drink evolve’ will allow us to inform you of events, sales plus other information in a more timely fashion. So please join in the discussions and give your feedback. We like to hear it all, the good the bad and the ugly!

So what can you expect from the Spirits Blog?
Well as the countdown to Vine & Tables 3rd Annual Whisky & Fine Spirits Expo draws closer, you will be receiving a lot more information from me.  In fact, every week, expect a new post about the event. Topics will include a look the different brands which we will showcase to what ‘stars’ of the spirits world will be in attendance. Check out my inside tips and what you should look out for at the event.

Sales, Sales, Sales. The blog will allow me to communicate with you about forthcoming sales and great deals, something we could not do effectively up to now, without jamming up your email inbox! I will still send out emails if there is something that you must have, however you will also find that information on my blog page and of course Facebook and Twitter.

Expect random ramblings from me on various topics. Sometimes I taste things that are fantastic, but I don’t always bring them into the store as, unfortunately, there is not room for everything. Speaking of such things, I tasted a Bunnahabhain Single Malt from Islay last week that was absolutely exceptional. It was from the Italian independent bottler Samaroli. Samoroli was a huge hit at Chicago’s recent Whiskyfest. The whisky was wonderful on the nose and incredibly fresh and lively after spending 21 long years on a windswept island. In fact I poured myself a drop for later, forgot about it, came back the next day and it was as good if not better than when I first tasted it. If you are interested in a bottle (the bottle is cool) for your collection then contact me and I will order it in specially for you. Samaroli only arrived to the US this year and quantities are minute!



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  1. Like Lori, I am excited about the Whisy Expo. I signed up and left information with one of your male employees and was wondering, when is information is forthcoming?

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