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A Spirited Sale on Spirits!

Hello everybody,

Our Summer Inventory is over, our Google 360 shoot is finished, and I am now tasked with getting the spirits department ready for the Holiday season. Storage space is at a premium and I have a boatload of new products on the way, so something has to give. What does that mean for you? It means I make space by cutting prices and you reap the rewards; it’s a win-win situation!

Famous Grouse Blended Scotch – 375ml Bottle – Previously $11.99 (NOW $7.99) – Yes, you are reading that price correctly!
Famous-Grouse-35cl-Blended-Scotch-cheap-whisky-whiskey-600x600Famous Grouse is the best-selling Blended Scotch in Scotland. It’s the whisky that you will find in every bar throughout the country and its there for a reason: because it’s good! The components of the blend come from some very noteworthy distilleries, including The Macallan, Highland Park and The Glenrothes. A sizable amount of the blend is given to malt whisky, which really shows on the palate. This is the equivalent of paying just $15.98 for a 750ml bottle of Famous Grouse- pick some up, it’s a no brainer!

Dewar’s 12 Year Old Blended Scotch – Previously $35.99 (NOW $21.99) – I really love this whisky and am disappointed that we do not sell more of it, as I believe that it is the hidden jewel within the Dewar’s portfolio. Sweet malts, buttery caramel, toffee and spice, the 12 year is a big step up from its younger (White Label) sibling. Alas, we are selling this for $3 less than the regular Dewar’s White Label so grab a bottle or two!

Black Bottle Original Blended Scotch – Previously $21.99 (NOW $17.99) – The only reason that this whisky has made this list is that Burn Stewart, Black Bottle’s owners, have decided to revamp the whisky. Not only are they changing the label and the bottle design, but they are also changing the flavor profile of the whisky. Gone will be the signature sweet Islay smokiness, only to be replaced with a more mainstream blend that is less peaty and more Speyside in style. I know that there are many fans who will mourn the passing of this bargain dram (me included). I bought the last few cases in the state for you, so you know what to do!

J & B Rare Blended Scotch (1.75L) – Previously $44.99 (NOW $39.99) – It says ‘Rare’ on the label, making this bottle extinct would help me out no end! And in the end this is a decent old blend for a decent old price!

wild_turkey_81_rye_whiskey-488x1024Mitchell’s Glengyle Blended Scotch – Previously $44.99 (NOW $29.99) – Anyone who knows the Springbank Distillery knows that the Mitchells create some of the best whisky in all of Scotland. This beautifully peated blend from the resurrected Glengyle Distillery is no different. Springbank, Longrow and Kilkerran are blended with grain from Girvan to produce a whisky that has sweet fruits, vanilla sweet oak, a touch of citrus and a gentle whiff of smoke on the finish. This is a blend that is perfectly balanced and perfectly priced to boot!

Wild Turkey 81 Proof Rye – Previously $24.99 (NOW $18.99) – The 81-proof Wild Turkey is the brainchild of Eddie Russell, son of Wild Turkey’s master distiller Jimmy Russell. Jimmy swears by the 101 proof with its hot and spicy profile while Eddie launched the 81 proof to appeal to a drinker who was looking for a more approachable soft and mellow rye and one that was suitable for mixing. And it mixes very well; it makes a great Manhattan!

Forty Creek Barrel Select Whisky – Previously $22.99 (NOW $11.99) – This is an unbelievable price from Canada’s best whisky maker. For the last 20 years John Hall has been making well-crafted Canadian whiskies, and his Barrel Select is a testament to his skill as both a distiller and blender. This is truly a unique whisky in that there is no mash bill for the grains. Instead the whisky is made by fermenting and distilling each grain (rye, barley and corn) individually, making three single grain whiskies that are then barreled and aged. The distillation is in copper pot stills, which retains more flavor than the common column still. This is unique for Canadian whisky, where the column still dominates. Consisting of mountgayrumxonewbtl__91966__62643.1407760007.1280.1280whiskies aged between 6 to 10 years, with a similar grain component as a bourbon (but distilled differently) and finished in sherry casks for six months, Barrel Select is a soft, silky, somewhat feminine whiskey when compared to bourbon, with gently sweet notes of creamy vanilla, honeyed apricot, toasted nuts, and gentle background tropical fruit and spice. A whisky that really transcends category and definition and now price!

Highland Park 8 Year Old Single Malt Scotch – Previously $39.99 (Now $31.99) – Matured in refill sherry casks, this is a beautiful whisky from a legendary distillery. The nose is fruity (green apples), with subtle sherry influence and a touch of floral notes. The palate has sherry wood with smoky notes (charred oak). A delicate vanilla sweetness emerges on the finish.

Smirnoff Vodka 80 Proof (1.75L) – Previously $25.49 (NOW $18.99) – Yup, we sell vodka too!

Van Gogh Vodka Select Flavors up to 30% OFF – And we sell flavored vodka! Actually, this stuff is good, however I have some really cool Gins on the way and I need to make some room!

Mount Gay Extra Old Rum Previously $44.99 (NOW $34.99) – A deliciously rich yet soft and supple rum with flavors of banana, black tea and barrel spice. A whisk(e)y drinker’s rum!

I will be adding to this list in the store as I see fit so pop in and look for the SALE tags, you never know what you might find!

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