A Wee Drop of the Irish…

When is the perfect time to drink Irish whiskey? Some might say any time around St. Patrick’s Day, but I say that the best time to drink a drop of the Irish is when a glass is placed in front of you, no matter the time of year (or day!).

But it’s got to be good stuff! I’ve tasted more questionable Irish whiskies over the last year than I could shake a stick at. There are some terrible versions of the “crathur” on the market right now that are doing the industry no good. However when I received a ‘drop’ of this eight year old single malt from Blackadder Independent Bottlers my eyes lit up. This, my friends, is how Irish whiskey should be: fresh and bright and brimming with the beautifully sweet aroma of ripe pears, soft and elegant on the tongue as if you’d just sunk your teeth into the flesh of the fruit. This is a whiskey that will bring a smile to your face and in my books any whisky that does that is a winner. The lightness, the elegance, and the fruit sing in unison. In case you are wondering, this is not the Blarney stone doing the talking, this is for real, right here in this quirkily labeled bottle.

This is a limited bottling sourced from just one cask and bottled in April 2017. Unadulterated by caramel color or chill filtration, the cask yielded just 132 bottles, bottled at 46% ABV with a very limited number of bottles available to us at Vine & Table, so once they are gone then that’s it!

Buy Blackadder ‘A Drop of the Irish’ 8 Year Old Single Malt online (Limited availability).


Denis Lynch, Vine & Table Spirits Buyer


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