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April Showers Bring… New Beers

Anyone who has walked into our beer section knows just how much I enjoy discussing beer. I love its history, the numerous styles, and the constant innovations breweries are working on. The problem is there is always more to talk about. You see, new beers are constantly coming in and I just never seem to have the time to talk about all of them! So this week I’m going to give you a peek at five of the new and unusual brews we’ve brought in to combat those rainy spring days.

Evil Twin Soft DKEvil Twin Soft “DK” 4NR ($14.99)-The brewer claims to have gotten the idea for this beer while changing his newborn son’s diaper but don’t let that be a turn-off! What he has created is one of the creamiest stouts to grace our shelves in a long while. What impressed me was the chocolate and vanilla notes packed into this stout without overpowering the palate with sweetness. Fabulous!

Mikkeller Spontandoubleblueberry – 12.7oz ($21.99)-This beer’s name is almost as much of a mouthful as the beer itself. A top-tier Lambic base is complemented with a massive helping of fresh tart blueberries. My wife, a sour aficionado, counts this beer as one of her personal favorites. It is as refreshing as a summer day and as sour as the day’s inevitable end.

Stone Imperial Russian Stout - Chai SpicedStone Chai-Spiced Imperial Russian Stout – 22oz ($8.99)-Stone Brewing Company has outdone itself once again. This variant of Stone’s always popular Imperial Russian Stout is brewed with cloves, ginger, black tea, cardamom, and cinnamon for a flavor straight out of your favorite coffee shop. This was one of my most eagerly awaited brews of the spring and it didn’t disappoint.

Upland Malefactor Flanders Red – 750ml ($26.99)-What happens when you brew a traditional Flanders Style Red Ale and age it in Bourbon barrels for an entire year? If you are Upland you create the wildly popular sour ale called Malefactor. Considering the nostalgic love I have always carried for Flanders Reds, this beer had a lot to live up to but truly surpassed all of my expectations. Our supply will not last long so grab one while you can.

Crafted Meadery Chipotle Pollinator – 500ml ($11.99)-So maybe it’s cheating a bit to throw a mead into this list but this creation is so delicious I couldn’t help myself. Pollinator has the perfect blend of sweet with just a bit of spicy, which kept my taste buds guessing and gave this mead a finish to die for. Chipotle Pollinator is perfect for an Indiana spring day where the weather can’t decide what it wants to be either.

All of these brews are limited so they won’t last long. But with new selections arriving every day I can promise you this– we’ll always have something on our shelves that is perfect for you. And remember…there are few things better than staring out your window with a great beer in your hands.

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