Tomintoul 16 Year Old

April’s Malt of the Month- Tomintoul 16 Year Old for an unbelievable $44.99

If you’re a single malt Scotch drinker, know one, or want to become one, this is a deal you can’t afford to miss! How about an absolutely delicious 16 year old Speysider for less than $50, including tax? That’s what we have to offer with Tomintoul 16 Year Old, priced at just $44.99 a bottle.

Tomintoul is known for its soft and gentle style and the 16 year old is just that- a spectacular Speyside whisky, soft and gentle on the nose with pears, apples, and vanilla custard. The whisky rolls over the tongue, revealing a nice, lightly oily dimension where the fruit appears again. This is nestled alongside a light biscuity maltiness with just the faintest hint of vanilla notes. It all culminates in a beautifully long finish, a finish that doesn’t quite want to stop, a finish where your mind is pleading with you to ‘Go on…just take one more sip… please?’ The notoriously fickle whisky writer Jim Murray praises Tomintoul 16 Year Old for having the ‘nose of the year’ and for its ability to be both soft yet at the same time sophisticated. He went on to give it an impressive 94.5/100, one of the highest ratings of the year!

Since we introduced Tomintoul in 2013, I have yet to meet a person who had a bad word to say about this distillery’s whiskies. The proof is in the bottle, and this is a whisky that everybody needs to try. As such we have rolled back the price (previously $59.99) to make this happen and firmly believe that this is the best $45 you will spend all year!

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