Armorik: the entire line is worthy of attention

If you were to ask the average person on the street to name, the largest consumers of whisky per capita you would receive a plethora of answers. Scotland, Ireland, and the good old United States would probably get nods. Some might think of the Asian market and throw out a guess of China or Japan. Very few, however, would stumble on the true champion of whisky drinking, France. In fact, as of 2017 whisky has surpassed wine as the favored drink of choice among the French. Fortunately for the French there are those who are not content to simply drink but have taken it upon themselves to create as well. Allow me to introduce you to Armorik.

Armorik, created by Warenghem Distillery, was France’s first single malt whisky. They credit much of their success and drive to their location in France’s Brittany region. In Brittany, where the Celtic soul continues to thrive, their whisky has found a coastal heathland environment perfect for ageing under the best possible conditions. The sea, wind and rain have forged its character into a whisky that is second to none. In fact, the regions original Gallic name, Armorica, lent its name to their award-winning whisky.

Unfortunately, while quite popular in Europe, Armorik has not received the attention of its cousins from across the channel. Which is a real shame as these are top notch drams. I found them smooth on the palate and complex in their finish. In short, these are top shelf whiskies but due to their provenance and the relatively unknown status of French whisky in America you can find these gems for mid shelf pricing. Usually this is the point I will choose one or two examples of the line to highlight but honestly, I found the entire line worthy of attention. So, come in and take a look. Whatever your budget or personal tastes you will find a bottle from this producer that is worth your attention.

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Dave Helt
Spirits Buyer
Vine & Table

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