Gin & Bitter Lemon cocktail recipe

Art of the Cocktail-GBL

Summer is not summer unless you have downed your fair share of this classic English cocktail. GBL or Gin & Bitter Lemon is relatively unknown in this part of the Midwest but I see that changing as people begin to discover just what a jolly good drink this is.

As you may know the English love their gin, they also love their tonic. In 1957 some bright spark at Schweppes in the U’K created a bitter lemon tonic, gin was quickly added and the rest is history. The Brits have been guzzling copious amounts of this utterly refreshing beverage since. Fortunately or unfortunately, whichever way you look at it, Schweppes Bitter Lemon is no longer available in the U.S. No need to worry, as Fever Tree Bitter Lemon is now available here and is, in my opinion, a much better version with a true fresh clean lemon scent, some herbal notes and just a touch of quinine. Now for the gin: my recommendation is to keep it classically British and to use the one gin which pairs beautifully with this tonic.

Plymouth Gin & Fever Tree Bitter Lemon
Plymouth Gin is a classic, smooth gin with citrus lemon and orange aromas and mild juniper. Now to the fun part: fill a tall glass with ice, add a good measure of the gin, top up with bitter lemon and add a garnish of sliced lemon. While you are enjoying the first one, you had better start making yourself another one… it’s that good!


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