August Rosé of the Month – Parallele 45

As the traditional rosé season begins to wind down, this is the perfect opportunity to showcase a rosé that features a little more body and depth than you may be used to and reacquaint your palate with some of the characteristics of the red wines you will turn to this fall. Hailing from the southern Rhone valley, Paul Jaboulet Aine Parallele 45 is a blend of 50% Grenache, 40% Cinsault, and 10% Syrah. This combination carries with it notes of cherries and crushed raspberries and blackberries. The acidity is balanced with a softer texture than many rosés bring, and the finish is lengthy with top notes of black pepper.

Paralelle 45’s robustness lends it to food pairings, more so than some rosés that best perform on their own. Consider opening up a bottle the next time you grill up burgers (especially bison burgers), or beef kebabs. At $14.99 a bottle, you’ll find it to be the perfect addition to your end-of-summer celebrations.

This is classic Cotes du Rhone rosé blend and is named after the 45th Parallel the vineyard is located on. Great balance with layers of enticing flavors. The nose is inviting with rose petals and citrus spilling from the glass. The palate is all cherries and citrus, with subtle black fruits and pepper on the finish (no doubt from the added Syrah), further enticing you to take another sip. Throw together some cheeses and salads, invite some friends over, open a bottle or two and see them smile. Delicious, mouthwatering and an absolute delight to drink. – Peter Ryan, Vine & Table Wine Buyer 

Fresh fruit and an elevated intensity of flavor mark this excellent rosé from the Rhone Valley. A smartly blended wine of Grenache, Cinsault, and Syrah on a light medium body, you’ll also note a softer texture with a little more mouth coating than many rosés. Hints of wild berries and an easy acidity linger on a finish that is marked with just a spark of tartness that stretches and teases for the next sip. Though still definitely a rosé, this is a wine that will easily step up to grilled lamb and could be that “burger wine” you’ve been looking for. The Parallele 45 is also my favorite rosé for Thanksgiving! Expand your horizons in the rosé world; you won’t regret it. – Damian Logan, Vine & Table Wine Buyer 

Buy Online: Paul Jaboulet Aine Parallele 45 Rosé 2016 – $14.99


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