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Our collection of single malt and blended Scotch has grown considerably in the past year. There have been a number of reasons for this. Firstly, there has been an explosion of interest from consumers looking for whiskies that are a little off the radar of most retailers. Secondly, people are drinking better and are willing to step out of their comfort zones when shopping the aisle. And thirdly, Vine & Table has firmly planted itself on the map as a destination for lovers of whisky and what with a very successful 3rd Whisky & Fine Spirits Expo in October, I expect us to grow further.

The following whiskies are a representation from the regions of Scotland that have piqued my attention this year. Some you may not have heard of before, however they are well-known to collectors and aficionados alike and should get your attention this season. Some are very limited in quantity such as Inverleven. Unfortunately the distillery is no more. I hope you will enjoy the following as much as I have this year. Slainte – Denis

Best of The Highlands
Imperial 15yr Port Finish Imperial is a distillery that closed in the late eighty’s. Unfortunately it is doubtful it will ever open again. This bottling comes from the independent bottler of Gordon & McPhail. It is a very rich, luscious whisky that dances on the palate. This is extremely rare so grab a bottle before it is gone!

Best of The Lowlands
Inverleven 18r Limited Edition Inverleven distillery was built in 1938 within the Dumbarton Grain distillery complex. The stills were decommissioned in 1991 and have since been removed. Dumbarton distillery was closed in 2003 and subsequently demolished. Inverleven is a cult whisky and this 18 year old does not disappoint. Fresh and lively on the nose, with citrus and malt and a lovely creamy palate. This batch was distilled in 1991 and bottled in 2009.

Best of The Islands
Arran 10yr with Glasses The 10 year old starts maturing in Bourbon casks. Woodford Reserve Bourbon is one of the sources for Bourbon casks to Arran and is very similar to Arran as a distillery in the US. Then at Gordon Mitchell’s discretion and the Distillery Manager at Arran, the whisky is moved to refill sherry and for the last year of its life finished in fresh sherry casks. It is medium Amber in color and there is a lot of rich oil in the whisky. Crème brulee, caramel, citrus notes, fresh apple and pear on the nose. On the palate there is creamy and elegance but with lovely balance and complexity that come through with a nice long finish. This is a beautiful dram and a great way to be introduced to the wonderful malts being created on the Isle of Arran!

Best of Islay
Ardbeg 10yr with complimentary gift bag Still probably one of the best 10 yr Islays on the shelf and with our everyday lowest price in the state you wouldn’t want 2011 to finish without one of these on your shelf.

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