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A Different IRS for Tax Day

Fri, Dec 02, 22  |  beer

If you’re like me, Tax Day is your favorite day of the year. The paperwork, the reconciliation, and the filing all fill me with joy. Is there a more uplifting… ok, by now I’m sure you can feel the sarcasm dripping from this prose. Nobody enjoys tax season (except perhaps my accountant neighbor). But there is one benefit to this time of year, and it just happens to be the perfect thing to ease that tax crunch stress: Stone Brewing Company’s IRS or Imperial Russian Stout.

Stone Brewing Co Imperial Russian Stout 2014Stone Brewering Co. Imperial Russian StoutStone Imperial Russian Stout is a pitch black brew that epitomizes the Russian Imperial style. This is a thick stout that does not pour as much as it flows from the bottle. On the nose you’ll find the standard culprits of the stout world, coffee and dark baker’s chocolate. I’ve also found that this IRS brings notes of black currants and raisins to the table.

This beer opens with sweet roasted malts, which coat the tongue and palate before giving way to a nice hop bite. This balances the sweetness before it can reach cloying levels. The end result is a thick and flavorful brew that will please both the novice and experienced stout lover.

But perhaps this tax season has been particularly hard on you. Perhaps you found yourself a little leaner in the wallet after all was said and done. Well, fear not, for this is still the right brew for you. At only $9.49 a bottle, this is a beer that can be enjoyed after even the roughest tax crunch. Stop by soon and ease those tax season blues with a bottle of black stout!

Dave Helt
V&T Beer Buyer