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Our Buyers Top Picks for Thanksgiving!

Sun, Dec 11, 22  |  wine
It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is just around the corner. As you start planning your menu, you might also want to consider what wines you’ll serve alongside those heaping platters and casserole dishes. Check out the following recommendations from our trusty wine buyers- they have something lined up for every possible entree, and a few suggestions for dessert too! All of these bottles and more are conveniently located together at the center of the store, so you won’t waste any of your precious time on the hunt. Hurry in to cross off the most important item on your shopping list!
Brendan Kennedy, Vine & Table Wine Buyer:
Maison L’Envoye Morgon Beaujolais 2013 -$18.99 If you’re serving turkey, Cru-level Beaujolais is dollar-for-dollar some of the best value in red wine. This French region makes lovely wines almost exclusively from the Gamay varietal which will pair well with baked and dry styles of turkey. It has a soft texture that everybody can enjoy. Serve slightly chilled.
Ridge Three Valleys Zinfandel Blend 2013 – $18.95 – Are you serving ham for the holidays? You’ll want something fruit-forward, with nice acidity to match the sweet and salty flavor of ham. Ridge Three Valleys Zin provides fresh, red berry fruit, without being too heavy.

Gilles Robin Crozes Hermitage Cuvée Papillon 2014-$28.99 – If you’re serving prime rib, a heavier red with some backbone will compliment nicely. The Robin Crozes-Hermitage Papillon is a big, peppery Syrah with lots of flavor, but won’t kill the flavor of meat at the same time. The savory notes of herb and spice will only enhance the flavor of your dish.

Sorelli Vinsanto del Chianti 1995 – $41.99 – Don’t forget the dessert wine! Pair this Tuscan treat with pumpkin or apple pie. Its intense flavors of hazelnut, caramel, and dried apricot will have your tongue in a frenzy. A little bit goes a long way!

Stoller Family Estate Pinot Noir Rosé 2015 – $19.99 – Stoller’s Rosé is 100% Pinot Noir from Willamette, Oregon. Rosé as a category can be overlooked in the colder months, but if you need a do-it-all wine that will match with almost any Thanksgiving food, this is it. Light and crisp, with an acidity level that will cleanse and refresh the palate.

Furst Gewurztraminer 2014 – $22.99 – Gewurztraminer is an ideal white to have on your Thanksgiving table. This aromatic and exotic wine will do wonders with those difficult-to-pair-with sides. Great with greens, veggies, stuffing, and sweet potatoes. Shows just a hint of sweetness, which is perfect for most Thanksgiving dishes.

Scharffenberger Brut NV – $12.97 – What better way to greet your guests than with a bottle of bubbly? Scharffenberger is made in Mendocino, CA in the Champagne method, resulting in a fine bead of bubbles and great freshness. Absolutely fantastic bang-for-the-buck!”

Brotte Esprit Barville Côtes du Rhône Rouge 2015 – $ 12.99 – A great option for red drinkers who want something a bit sturdier or heavier than Pinot Noir, but won’t completely overtake the meal in front of it. This is predominantly Grenache which will pair perfectly if you’re using an herb rub on your meat.
Damian Logan, Vine & Table Wine Buyer:
Midnight Cellars Full Moon Red 2012 – $12.99 – It’s always important to a have a great value wine with many family and friends coming for the holidays. The Midnight Cellars fits that bill. This Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot blend has just enough depth yet a soft finish to please many, many palates. This is one of my favorite wines under $20.
Tabali Viognier Reserva 2014 – $11.99 – White wines are a year-round treat at my house and my guests always look to me for a nice surprise at Thanksgiving. This year is no exception with a quirky little Viognier from Chile. Surprising notes of herb and brown spice on a classic grape will make for a delicious way to treat my guests as a before dinner wine. At $11.99 I’ll probably lay in a few extra bottles.

Norton Malbec Late Harvest Series 2015 – $9.99 – I have a few of “those” friends…. yes, sweet wine drinkers. They’re always welcome at my house and this year I will be treating them to the Norton’s Late Harvest Malbec. The grapes are left on the wine a few extra weeks to generate nice, natural sweetness that enhances the flavors of the Malbec grapes from one of Argentina’s most established wineries. A tasty treat at $9.99.

Squadra Prosecco – $14.99 – There’s no better way to start a day of entertaining than with a little bubbly. Squadra is a great sip from northern Italy. Not as dry as most Proseccos, Squadra is excellent for getting the party started and leading the way for a great dinner.

Heinrich Burganland Red 2013 – $16.99 – Heinrich is a great Austrian blend of the Blaufraenkisch, Zweigelt and St. Laurent grapes. It has nice depth but doesn’t overdo it, allowing Heinrich to pair nicely with roasted or deep fried poultry. It does pretty well just on its own too!
Vina Robles Rosum Rosé 2015 – $12.99 – A great Rosé is a must at my table. This year I’ll be serving one of the best domestic Roses I’ve ever enjoyed. Vina Robles is California produced in a Rhone style. I like that this wine comes with a little less acidity and a little more flavor punch that the typical Rhone Rosé. A cooler time of year and a brined and roasted Turkey call for a wine with a little more muscle than the Rosés I enjoy all summer. The Vina Robles will answer that call.

El Maestro Sierra Pedro Ximenez Sherry – $16.99 – This is my first year serving a dessert wine and I am quite excited. The El Maestro is a sherry made from the Pedro Ximenez grape. Carmel, smoke, and a little “Port” like, it retains some lighter notes and acidity that will make it great served with pumpkin pie or sipped as a dessert by itself. A little sweet, a little sticky, a little elegant at $ 16.99 (375 ml.)

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