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roll in the rosé

Fri, Dec 02, 22  |  wine

At Vine & Table we love the versatility of rosé and the way they lend themselves to the warmer weather. Some are elegant, soft and floral, others are crisp and thirst-quenching. Rosés can be paired with food or quaffed on their own. They can be dry, sweet, fruity or herbal. In short, there’s a rosé for every taste and every occasion, and they come from a variety of geographic regions. Our passion for rosé is such that we have the most diverse selection in the state. Some of our favorites are listed below. Here’s to the beauty of the summer afternoon!

Château Puech-Haut Rosé 2012
Wow – if you are seeking a quintessential, high-quality rosé, this is it. From the Languedoc region of France, this apricot-colored wine is elegant and expressive. Like any fine wine, it takes the drinker through a journey, starting with peach blossoms and a subtle minerality. The middle of each taste is full and round, fruity but not overripe. On the finish, bright red berry notes emerge. One of the most balanced and lovely rosés available.

Domaine Guindon Gamay Rosé Coteaux d’Ancenis 2012
Pierre Guindon makes one heck of a rosé from his 40+ yr old Gamay vines in the Coteaux d’Ancenis appellation. Always a delightful wine, full of cherries and strawberries. Hand harvested too! This is truly summer-in-a-glass.

Bieler Pere et Fils Rosé 2012Liquid Geography Rosé of Monastrell 2012
Liquid Geography is a project of Charles Bieler, also known as the Rosé Guru. A Provence-style rosé made from 100% Monastrell grapes grown in Murcia, Spain. A lovely medium pink, this is a dry rosé and a good thirst-quencher on a hot afternoon.

Bieler Père et Fils Rosé
A legend of a rosé, this wine has the rich flavors of a good red wine with the refreshing qualities that make rosé so tasty. This wine pairs nicely with roasted and grilled foods… that should give you a sense of how robust it is.

Zoe Rosé Domaine Skouras 2011
This Greek Peloponnese wine is new to Vine & Table!  The perfect picnic rosé. It is light and fruity, yet carries enough body to stand up to foods like grilled shrimp and garlic chicken. With a touch of sweetness, this wine is a great value and a crowd-pleaser.

St. Supéry Rosé 2012Tsantali Roditis Rosé
This delightful, dry rosé from Greece  is excellent with grilled fish and creamy pasta dishes; try this one around a well-laid table one evening. You won’t  be disappointed.

St Supéry Rosé
One sip will transport you – this wine offers up a light crispness that both refreshes you and invites you to have another taste. A surprising hint of pepper makes it even better.

Las Rocas de San Alejandro Rosé 2012
This Spanish rosé has rhubarb notes that play well with the expected strawberry flavors. Las Rocas Rosé has a depth and personality that you won’t always associate with this style of wine, yet it remains very  approachable.

Elicio Grenache & Cinsault Rosé 2012
This Rhone rosé is bright pink and chock-full of red fruit aromas. The nose holds true on the palate – lovely fresh strawberries, red currants and a nice creaminess. This is a wine you could pair with a fresh salad, cheese, dessert or simply drink chilled on its own. A great fruit-forward rosé.

Charles & Charles Rosé 2012
The 2011 landed #42 on Wine Spectator’s Top 100 of 2012, and this vintage maintains the high standard. This is the classic summer-drinking rosé. It is delicious, and the strawberry and watermelon nose alone will transport you to a warm afternoon.