Break-out-the-grill spring filets & red wine

Recently, Jill and I spent the afternoon along the river in Holiday Park with the dogs. Spring is not far away and for me, that means it’s time to break out the grill. I love the tenderness of filet but the flavor always leaves me wanting more so here’s my recipe for dinner you should be able to time this right so it all comes up at once.

2 8 Oz Filets
3 bunches green onions
3 pounds (ish) Yukon Gold potatoes
2 TBS gray sea salt
2 Tsp garlic powder
1 Tsp chipotle flake you can sub cayenne pepper
1 Tsp black pepper
1 Clove of garlic
Dark Sesame Seed oil
Salt and Pepper

Set your oven to broil and fire up your grill.

Put all the spices in a metal bowl or mortar grind together with the back of a metal spoon or a pestle.

Peal the garlic and cut into med-small pieces. About the size of your pinky fingernail.

Wash the potatoes and cut to roughly the same size. Put in a pot to boil and remove when fork tender.

Wash the green onions and cut the tips and the tails off them. Toss them with EVOO and liberally season them with salt and pepper. Lay out on one layer on a sheet pan and set aside.

Set your filets out and allow them to come to room temperature, coat them lightly with the dark sesame seed oil and rub them with the spice rub.

When your potatoes are almost fork tender take them out and strain them and then put them on the sheet pan. Start thinking about putting your meat on the grill depending on how well you like them done. I’m a mid-rare guy so I wait. Take a potato masher and smash the potatoes on the sheet pan, you don’t want them mashed all the way just about halfway so they have some texture, sprinkle the chopped garlic on top and liberally douse with EVOO and salt and pepper.

Put the green onions on the bottom rack of the oven and the potatoes on the middle rack and broil until GBD. That’s a chef term that stands for golden brown and delicious. Some of the corners of the potatoes should start to crisp. Switch them on the shelves with the green onions. Broil them till the green tips start to char. You want the tips a little black and crispy. Turn your oven off and put two plates on the top rack and close the door with all the food still in there.

When your steak is almost perfect take it off the grill and let it rest for five to ten minutes. Be aware that the steaks will continue to cook up a bit during this process.

With hot pads take your plates out and put the filet at the six o’clock position, lay some green onions from nine to twelve and the potatoes at two.

Pro tip: remember it’s always easier to add some more salt or put the steaks back on the grill for a minute or two that to try to take away salt or un-cook the steaks.


This recipe pairs exceedingly well with:

Under $20:  Matchbook Cabernet, Condado de Haza Ribera del Duero

Under $50: Kith & Kin CabernetAlain Jaume Chateauneuf-du-Pape

Whoa, go for the gusto!: Palmaz Vineyard Cabernet, Catena River Stones Malbec


Joseph Davey

Joseph Davey is a tenured restaurant manager and certified Sommelier. Most recently he was the Franchise Beverage Director for Hoosier Hospitality Group, a Ruth’s Chris franchise. Previous to that he was the General Manager and Corporate Beverage Manager for Eddie Merlot’s in Indianapolis, IN. He also has his own restaurant and beverage consulting business, FWineI.


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