Upland Brewing Co. Petal to the Kettle

Upland Brewing is making some of most sought-after sour beers in Indiana. When brewers use yeast strains and barrel aging to introduce complex fruity, funky, and sour flavors, it can take months or even years to produce something special. With kettle souring, brewers are able to recreate similar flavors in a much shorter timeframe. Petal […]

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Dabble in hops with SixPoint Brewery

Eric Bachli is credited with creating some of the best New England-style IPAs in the world. He came to fame as the Head Brewer for Trillium Brewery, where he scaled production and helped turn Trillium into a destination brewery known for big, hazy IPAs and special releases. In August 2017, SixPoint Brewery hired Eric as […]

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Meet Corey, V&T’s new Beer Buyer!

One of the upsides of the recent turnover at Vine & Table has been the arrival of some new and incredibly knowledgeable staff. Today we introduce Corey Davis, our new Beer Buyer! Corey is a self-confessed beer geek who first fell into the world of craft beers while exploring local breweries with his friends. Initially […]

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Freigeist Beer Indianapolis

The Surprising Free Spirits of Freigeist

When it comes to the beer business I take my job very seriously. I work hard to stay up to date on the newest releases and breweries that arrive in our state on a seemingly weekly basis. I study the history of the craft and try to predict where beer is going next. Overall, I […]

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craft beer at Vine & Table

April Showers Bring… New Beers

Anyone who has walked into our beer section knows just how much I enjoy discussing beer. I love its history, the numerous styles, and the constant innovations breweries are working on. The problem is there is always more to talk about. You see, new beers are constantly coming in and I just never seem to […]

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Books & Brews at Vine & Table

What’s Brewing at Vine & Table? … We Are!

If you’ve been watching the beer section at Vine & Table over the last few months you may have noticed a particular new brew appear on the shelves. Last November we unveiled our first privately brewed beer, a Belgian Strong Ale with apricots that we dubbed “The Merchant of V&T.” The Merchant was the brainchild […]

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Williams Brothers brings new life to ancient recipes.

Williams Brothers Brings New Life to Ancient Recipes

It seems like there is always something new in the craft beer scene. Whether it’s new hop varietals or finding the newest additive to give a beer that extra kick, brewers are constantly trying to find an angle to set their products apart. Williams Brothers, from Alloa, Scotland, decided to look to the past to […]

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Stone Brewing Co. Imperial Russian Stout 2014

A Different IRS for Tax Day

If you’re like me, Tax Day is your favorite day of the year. The paperwork, the reconciliation, and the filing all fill me with joy. Is there a more uplifting… ok, by now I’m sure you can feel the sarcasm dripping from this prose. Nobody enjoys tax season (except perhaps my accountant neighbor). But there […]

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