Hof Ten Dormaal: A Lost Art, Found

Let’s face it- life moves fast these days. I’m not complaining, as this ever-changing world has spawned fantastic innovations in almost every area of our lives. Beer has certainly benefitted. Hundreds of new breweries opened in the last year alone. Sometimes, however, in all that rush we start to take things for granted. Shortcuts are […]

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Dave Helt

The Beer Manifesto

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” – Benjamin Franklin Those of you who have wandered into Vine & Table the last several months have probably noticed a new face hovering around the beer section. He was helpful (hopefully), cheerful (usually), and all too ready to chew your ear […]

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Goose Island Pepe Nero

Solving the Mystery of Pepe Nero

Ask ten beer aficionado’s their favorite style and you will likely get ten different answers. There are currently over one hundred officially recognized styles and sub styles of beer and they all have rabid fans. Occasionally, however, you will have a beer that ignores the rules of style and ventures out to forge its own […]

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flat 12 bierwerks

You may have heard of them but may have never tried any of the wonderful products from Flat 12 Bierwerks.  Flat 12 is a brewery that defines the “drink local” philosophy.  Brewed in downtown Indianapolis, Flat 12 has a magnificent array of great beers on tap, and now in bottles, making them a must-try for […]

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saison beer,

jordan’s top 5 saisons for spring

The Belgian Saison or Farmhouse Ale is one of the oldest styles of beer in the world. Yet, it has only recently grown in popularity in the U.S. These traditional beers that were originally brewed in the winter to be drunk in the spring and summer months are necessities this time of year. These are […]

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Gettin’ Raunchy with Rogue!

Today is the first day of spring. Friday will be the third day of spring and hopefully by then the flowers will be blooming (yeah right!) and beginning to release their potent pheromones, so that we can all get into the swing of things with my second series beer event. Yes, you might want to […]

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jordan’s top 5

This year was a great year for craft beer overall, but some brews are real standouts and deserve special recognition. Here are my Top 5 Beer Picks for the 2012…

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