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whisky expo news!

The clock is ticking with just 6 weeks to go before our 4th Annual Whisky & Fine Spirits Expo on Friday October 12th and the

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so long friend…

Saturday will be a beery and teary day at Vine & Table. Nick Axford, beer guy, friend and all round happy chap will be leaving

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world whisky day

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are almost upon the first inaugural World Whisky Day which will be held at our store on Tuesday, 27th March at

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buy wine online

speed shopping!

It’s not so much about shopping fast as it is about convenience and saving time, right? So for some of us that means shopping at

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the time has come…

Indy’s 3rd Annual Whiskey & Fine Spirits Expo has finally arrived!  Product is here, our special guests are in town and we’ve a sell-out crowd.

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who’s pouring what?

Indy’s 3rd Annual Whisky & Fine Spirits Expo is just around the corner on Friday, October 28th at Montage at Allison Pointe Blvd. Indianapolis, IN

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a learning experience…

Last Friday we launched Vine & Table’s first in-store Flash Sale. A Flash Sale is a limited-time offer of high discounts. Groupon is probably the

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New at Vine & Table!

Keeping you engaged and interested is our goal, so we are constantly tweaking the way we buy, market, sell and look.  Although our core values

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