Certified Sustainable Benziger Chardonnay just $9.99

Good Chardonnay under $10 can be pretty hard to find, but we recently were offered a deal that would allow us the best of both worlds- a lightly oaked Sonoma Chardonnay for just $9.99. The grapes that make up Benziger are sustainably grown and harvested by the Benziger family, and the typical cost is $15.99 a bottle. At its current price point, you will be delighted by the bright and refreshing acidity, all complemented by a luscious finish. If you have any affinity for Chardonnay, this is a must-buy.

“For 12 years now, all of Benziger’s wines have been certified sustainable, organic, or biodynamic. Benziger is the leading biodynamic winery in Sonoma, and probably throughout the state of California. When it comes to their Chardonnay, crisp, clean, and refreshing are the words that come to mind for this energetic white. There’s a light touch of well-integrated oak, allowing fruit flavors to really pop. I get granny smith apple and Anjou pear flavors with zippy acidity. What a supremely satisfying summer white for under $10!”- Brendan Kennedy, Vine & Table Wine Buyer

“This is a nifty little Chardonnay. Just enough oak to give it a little texture yet not enough to overpower the flavors that make Chardonnay such a great grape. Benziger has quite a mix of subtle notes; pear, fennel, apricot, apple and even a smidgen of vanilla. But instead of confusion, there is a very harmonious layering of those flavors. Bright without being too big, this wine possess just enough creaminess to give a lingering flavor but stays refreshing. This is a refreshingly dynamic take on domestic Chardonnay. I think you could enjoy this with many types of Asian and Thai food but I would suggest you give it a go with crab cakes to see the Benziger Chardonnay really shine.” – Damian Logan, Vine & Table Wine Buyer

Click here to view and buy online: Benziger Sonoma County Chardonnay 2014 $9.99

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