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It’s always a pleasant surprise when a winemaker comes to Vine & Table unannounced! Like when German wine producer Paul Christian Anheuser came into our store back in early summer. We know, you may be wondering why we are only getting to mention this guy and his wine now.

Well, let us backtrack a little first and explain. Paul is the 14th generation winemaker for the Anheuser winery, a family owned estate in the Nahe region of Germany. The family tree dates back to 1627, when an Anheuser lived in the town of Kreuznach, and was known as an owner of vineyards. Moving along, Rudolf Anheuser was the first grower in the Nahe region to begin planting Riesling exclusively. Rudolf’s son Paul continued the family tradition, and today Rudolf and Paul (no coincidence!) own and manage the estate.

What is a coincidence is that one of Paul’s ancestor’s began brewing in St Louis in the 1870’s. You may have come across some of that beer in your drinking lifetime!

Anyway back to the wine! We tasted a line-up of Paul’s new vintages including a rather odd varietal. A white Pinot Noir! Up to that point none of us knew that such a wine existed!

We tasted and it was really good.  It’s very interesting; you get all of those red ripe Pinot Noir fruits bursting out of the glass, such as cherry and strawberry along with a good firm body. On the nose you almost expect it to have an amount of sweetness but in fact upon tasting, it finishes bone dry. This was a revelation for us!

It’s a really lovely wine, which is actually just coming into its own as the fall approaches. If you like Pinot Grigios, Torrontes, un-oaked Chardonnays and even lighter style Pinot Noir’s then you will not go wrong with this wine. And it’s a steal too at only $11.49 a bottle.

And as to why it took so long to get here?  Well being such an unusual wine, from a very small producer we had to have it shipped in specially and that always takes a lot longer than usual.

But in the end, it was worth waiting for!

Paul Anheuser Blanc de Noir 2010 – On Sale on our Pick 24 selection for only $11.49

The Vine & Table Wine Team

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