Enjoy the spirit of autumn with Old County Goodness apple cider liqueur

Apples and cider are part of Indiana’s heritage. The legendary, albeit crazy, John Chapman (AKA Johnny Appleseed) spent the last years of his life in our state (his final resting place is in Fort Wayne) preaching his philosophy of peace, vegetarianism, and apples – distributing bags of seeds and planting orchards as he went. Never mind that eating apples are not propagated from seed; they require selection and grafting, so Johnny’s results were only good for cider, and fermented cider at that. His addlebrained actions are our gain, with the resulting orchards across the Midwest producing plenty of potable spirits. – Dan Angelo, Vine & Table Spirits Specialist 

In celebration of the aforementioned Mr. Appleseed, we’ve laid in a supply of O.C.G. (Old Country Goodness) apple cider liqueur from our friends at Journeyman distilleries. O.C.G. is a refreshing blend of apple cider, rye whiskey, and spices. Its remarkably well-balanced blend is at once both tart and warm with just a hint of autumn spice and the bite of rye to take the nip out of the air. Serve it either cold or warm, your insides will be warmed either way. At a scant $14.99 for each handsome jug, O.C.G. is just what you need to enjoy the spirit of fall.

Journeyman O.C.G. Apple Cider Liqueur – $14.99


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