enjoy to their bloomin’ fullness!

Soft-ripened cheeses are some of our absolute favorites in the cheese case because they are so creamy and delicious and it is hard to stop eating once you start.  Also, soft-ripened cheeses appeal to a large variety of tastes and are such palate-pleasers that they are a great go-to when snacking, entertaining, serving a crowd or trying to please those with divergent tastes.

Soft-Ripened or Bloomy Rind Cheeses have a semisoft consistency and have been sprayed or exposed to molds which allow them to ripen from the rind inwards.  The exterior of the cheeses are “bloomy “or thin, white and velvety.  This is steadily one of the best-selling cheese types at our store. We have a great selection, from traditional brie to organic triple creams.  We’re sure you will find a few that will make a regular appearance on your cheese board time and time again.  

Some of the most popular examples that we carry are, Mt Tam, Belletoile, Brie Couronne, Robiola, La Tur Langa and Camembert.  It is not always easy to decide which bloomy rind cheeses to try because, like wine, geographical location is a critical factor in the individual characteristics and flavor of each type. If you can’t decide which you want to bring home, we’ll be happy to help select the right one for you, but in the meantime here are a few suggestions to simply and easily enjoy bloomy-rinds to their bloomin’ fullness:

We’re Jamming…
Who doesn’t love a creamy bite entwined with a hint of salt then a burst of sweet fruity goodness followed by a pleasant hint of heat? We are jamming to the delights of brie with preserves, jellies and jams, and so are so many of you! The contrast of all the flavor profiles is what makes this combination so amazing. All your taste buds get to join the party and it is the simplest of recipes to prepare. It can be a delicious treat for one, or served at any occasion, any time of day. Simply bring a wedge or wheel of a mild brie cheese such as Couronne or Mon Pere cheese to room temperature and top with your favorite preserve and Voila! The perfect snack, appetizer, dessert and yes, even breakfast!!

Rothschild Hot Pepper Raspberry and Rothschild Hot Pepper Peach Preserves have been our customer’s favorites for years. More recently we’ve brought in our own line of preserves and highly recommend Vine & Table Blue Blazes, Strawberry Red Flame Jalapeno, and Sun Burst Peach Jalapeno. For the times you don’t want heat, any of the charming jellies made of fresh Michigan fruit from American Spoon would be delightful. And finally, for those of you fortunate and clever enough to make your own homemade jam, how fun and savvy would it be to show off your sweet creation with those friends that don’t regularly join you for breakfast!

Keep it Light…
In the heat of summer, keeping meals light but satisfying is ideal but not always easy. The key is to use fresh and flavorful ingredients and be sure that one element is a mouth-filling sensation that borders on indulgence. A great artisan cheese will take care of the latter, and what can be more fresh and full of flavor than seasonal items from the road-side vegetable stand, farmers’ market or your very own garden. St. André, Cucumber, Shrimp & Dill Mini Sandwiches meets the mark on all accounts!

Keep It Under Wraps…
Here is a very stress-free way to add French sophistication to your next family or company get-together. With this recipe for Super Easy Mushroom & Date en Croute get all the bragging rights of the big-named chefs but none of the hassle. You might even want to keep this one under wraps, so to speak, as you know the best chefs rarely reveal their real secrets… Bon Appetit!

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