Entertaining Tip #4: The Salad Course

We started with the welcoming cocktail, the easy knock out app, then the suprise amuse bouche. This week I’m going to introduce you to a salad course that will suprise and delight your guests. Afterall, we can all eat lettuce at home! Let’s turn this course upside down and pull out the grill….

On to the dinner party: In all honesty I’m not a huge fan of salad. In my opinion salad is just a vehicle to get dressing into my mouth. With that said, this salad is a winner.

  1. You will need a bunch of red or black grapes, preferably no seeds, for each guest. Once you get them home and have washed them and allowed them to dry, carefully weave 2-3 long strands of rosemary into the grapes.
  2. Have your grill preheated to high and place each bunch on the grill and close the lid for about 90 seconds. Open the lid and flip the grapes and close the lid for about 60 seconds.
  3. You should already have your chilled plates ready with a spread of fresh spinach leaves.
  4. Place a grape bunch on the center of the plate sprinkle with candied pecans and drizzle with blue cheese dressing.


Chef, Sommelier
GM Vine & Table

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