Es Lo Que Hay Garnacha 2016

This week our focus turns to Spain, specifically a high altitude Garnacha. We’ve chosen this wine for its “sense of place” as it is a complete expression of this Spainish grape. Because the grape must struggle to develop, it quite literally pulls the flavors of its environment into itself. The result is an authentic Aragon wine, with pronounced aromas, intense but elegant fruit, rounded tanins with just the right amount of acidity.

According to the Wine Maker: “High altitude ancient vineyards at 1000 to 1100 metres above sea level with ‘pizarra´ slate and quartzite soils. Completely dry grown and unirrigated this is an inhospitable continental climate with extreme changes of temperature where mountain herbs, almonds, cherry trees and Garnacha form a breathtaking patchwork. Low annual rainfall of 200-300mm and the remarkable soils produce fine and elegant Garnacha which is punctuated by intense black fruit flavors with complex mineral, smoke and ‘garrigue’* notes.” We happen to agree, this wine is fantastic!

*Garrigue refers to the low-growing vegetation on the limestone hills of the Mediterranean coast, not the limestone itself. There are a bunch of bushy, fragrant plants that grow wild there, such as juniper, thyme, rosemary and lavender, and garrigue refers to the sum of them. (Wine Spectator June 26, 2009)

Buy online for in-store pick-up, while supplies last: Es Lo Que Hay Garnacha 2016 $19.99

Joseph Davey



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