Cognac Park Tasting

Whether you are looking to expand your spirits horizon or already a Cognac fan, you’ll want to stop by Vine & Table on Thursday, April 25, between 4:30 and 6:30 pm. Anaïs Brisson from Cognac Park will be expounding on the joys of Cognac at the tasting bar, with a special emphasis on Vine & Table’s Handpicked Single Cask Cognac Park 9 Year Old Fins Bois as well as Cognac Park’s new Mizunara Cask.

The Vine & Table Cask is what you’d expect from one of our hand-selected bottles- nuanced, elegant, and (frankly) sublime. The Mizunara Cask, meanwhile, is totally unique, with the spirit finished in Japanese oak. This twist on standard production methods will appeal to fans of Bourbon, Rye and Japanese whiskies, while the high quality grapes from the Borderies region will attract traditional Cognac enthusiasts.

Wherever you fall on the Cognac spectrum, this event is an excellent opportunity to learn more, meet an industry expert, and enjoy a taste of one of the best Cognacs in the world. This is a free event, but registration is appreciated. See you there!