Hoosier homecoming with Kokomo Winery tasting event

Kokomo Winery bears the hometown name of its winemaker, Erik Miller, but it’s a California winery through and through. Using grapes from three distinct regions of Sonoma County, Erik has spent the last 14 years honing his skills and crafting some spectacular wines. Luckily for us, Erik travels back home again to Indiana regularly and always makes time to stop at Vine & Table.

You’re invited to meet Erik and taste his entire portfolio, including the popular and difficult to find Sauvignon Blanc, on Thursday, February 22, from 4:30 to 6:30 pm. Kokomo’s wines will all be on sale, and you’ll have the chance to learn first-hand from the winemaker all of the hard work and attention to detail that goes into his creations.

The tasting is free, but please register to let us know you’re coming. See you on the 22nd!