Exceptional Limited Edition D-Day Calvados

Given that the Groult family distillery is located only a stone’s throw from the famous Omaha beach and the fact that the home and orchard were actually commandeered by German troops during the later parts of the war, it seems only fitting that they would produce a tribute to the D-Day invasion. To honor the 70th anniversary of the battle the Groult family produced a highly limited apple brandy. Blended from barrels aged for at least 6 years and produced in a total run of only 1,944 bottles (D-Day was June 6, 1944) this calvados truly is a rarity. After half a minute, the apple opens up into a fresh and juicy experience that makes you swear you’ve taken a bite from a just-picked fruit. The oak has not overtaken the flavor of the spirit, but perfectly enhances it. This is an exceptionally rare calvados for a bargain price. –Dave Helt, Vine & Table Spirits Buyer

Buy Online: Roger Groult Limited Edition D-Day Calvados $59.99 (Limited Quantity)


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