Ferreira Vintage Port 2018

A rare opportunity to grab something perfect – 100 out of 100…

I’d been at work today for just two hours when I pulled out my cell phone for what was probably the 15th time. A guest asked me who sang the song we were playing in the store so I whipped out my phone and asked Siri. Sure enough, she had the answer. We live in a “right now culture”. My internet is a bit slow and it sends me into a temper tantrum. Something that literally didn’t exist when I was in high school, I now feel that not only can’t I live without it, I can’t live without it at 5G speed. Sometimes I long for a slower pace.

One thing that slows me down and make me relax is a wonderful glass of Vintage Port. I rarely drink port in a restaurant because I’ve run restaurants, and I know how long that bottle can sit open. Every chef I’ve ever worked with could always count on me for some port for a port reduction sauce. Also, Port is a fortified wine and we all need to get home safely. So, for me this is an at home luxury. It’s also something that brings me joy just knowing I have some bottles tucked away gracefully aging. It makes me feel like I’m fighting the “right now culture”.

Today I want to share with you a rare opportunity to grab something perfect. I’m talking about the 2018 Ferreira Vintage Port. The Roger Voss of The Wine Enthusiast rated this wine 100 Points out of 100 and hears what he had to say about it: This impressively structured wine shows a perfect balance between its powerful, spicy fruits and firm tannins. Dense tones of dark berries and smoke are rich and flavorful, bringing up the wine to a perfect conclusion. Its immensely age worthy. Drink from 2030.

This is a wine to put back, but the rewards will be well worth it. This wine is on the shelf for $139.99 and with a little patience it will be worth every penny. I have a few pro tips for a wine like this:

  • It’s a wonderful gift for anyone that had a child in 2018 or was married in that year.
  • The wines that you can celebrate a 21’st birthday are few and far between these days, but this is one of them
  • I also open a bottle of vintage port, decant it and then put ½ of it in to a cleaned empty half bottle and put that in the back of my fridge, it will stay good that way almost indefinitely. For best results try to pull the ½ bottle of port out of the fridge several days before you plan on drinking the second half.
  • And finally, when purchasing I usually gather up a selection of much more inexpensive bottles to get to a case and get the 15% discount.

It feels like we are getting close to the end of the tunnel as far as COVID-19 but one of my close friends has an immune compromised child, so they are being extremely cautious. With that in mind we are still requesting that everyone wears a mask in the store, and we are still offering free local delivery and curbside pickup for those of you who are more comfortable with this style of shopping.

Thanks again for supporting Indiana’s premier, locally owned and operated, fine wine and spirits shop. The money you spend at vine and table stays in our community.

Buy Ferreira Vintage Port 2018 Online.

Joseph Davey, Vine & Table General Manager and Sommelier

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