flaco tempranillo-a cool dude at an amazing price

The Spanish get a lot of things right- tapas, olive oil, siestas, and of course, wine. One of our go-to Spanish reds is Flaco Tempranillo. If you’re not familiar with this varietal, you should note that the grapes produce luscious, soft wines. Flaco, which translates to “dude,” comes from the Vinos de Madrid region on the outskirts of the Spanish capital and holds true to the Tempranillo standard. It has a nice complexity, tempting the drinker with hints of cherry, strawberry and redcurrant, as well as black pepper and dried spices. In the mouth, the essences of berry and spice are wrapped up in a lovely lushness that makes refilling your glass all too easy. Flaco pairs really well with casual foods like pizza, barbecued ribs and pulled pork. If you’ve been to Delicia, one of Indy’s hottest new restaurants, you’ll recognize Flaco as the base of their excellent Sangria.

Flaco, like many Vinos de Madrid, is an excellent value for its quality. Most Spaniards don’t think oft Madrid as wine country, but the city is surrounded by old Tempranillo vineyards. The climate is marked by hot days and cool nights, which allows the fruit to ripen in a slow and balanced manner. This pays off for the growers, allowing them to produce consistently good wines that retail at great prices.

This month, we’re offering this “dude” to you for an incredible $6.99 per bottle ($83.88 per 12-bottle case). With food or on its own, however you serve it, we are certain you’ll enjoy Flaco.

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