Gettin’ Raunchy with Rogue!

Today is the first day of spring. Friday will be the third day of spring and hopefully by then the flowers will be blooming (yeah right!) and beginning to release their potent pheromones, so that we can all get into the swing of things with my second series beer event. Yes, you might want to bring your better half along as we get into some seriously OREgasmic Ales!


The Rogue Brewery has been doing some really interesting things recently, especially a line of beers from their “First Growth” series which has fascinated me. I’m trying to figure out how such a large operation brewery can still put in the time and care needed for these small production beers?

But then Rogue is one of the oldest and original craft breweries in the US.  They started in October of 1988, the year I was born funnily enough, these guys have been brewing beer longer than I have been alive!  They have a great reputation of brewing not only the classics, but also some new innovative styles.  Remember the Voodoo Doughnut Maple Bacon Ale?

But for the last couple years Rogue has been working on and perfecting their GYO (Grow Your Own) line, which is what we will be tasting on Friday evening. All these beers are made entirely from ingredients grown on Rogue’s estate farms in Oregon.  These are field to bottle beers with no additives, preservatives, or chemicals added. We will be drinking true Oregon beer, grown on Oregon soil direct from the producer. Now that gives me something to be excited about. I’m telling you, this is some seriously “Good Chit” (that’s a beer too!).

There are no less than seven spectacular beers to try, so i look forward to seeing you all. And remember if you register online i will enter you in the draw for a free $25 Gift Card!

See you Friday at 5!




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