girls spit too – an introduction to the art of tasting

I am so very excited to announce my first Girls Who Swirl meeting is on the calendar for September 29, 2011!

Girls Who Swirl is a small group of women who get together once a month to learn about wine and chat about wine, all in a very relaxed and comfortable environment.  Each month we’ll explore a fun new topic so don’t be shy.  This is an open discussion format so I encourage questions and welcome your opinions on the wines we try and any personal experiences you may have with the wine or the region itself.

So to get things rolling, this inaugural meeting will cover something very important in the wine-tasting world….”Girls Spit Too”.  Let’s forget those ladylike manners and jump right in to learn how to use all five senses when tasting wine and to spit like a pro.

Cheers, Bethann

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