Glenlivet 2006, 9 Year Old Single Sherry Cask Speyside Single Malt

When was the last time you had the pleasure of tasting a single cask expression from The Glenlivet Distillery?

Or tasted The Glenlivet without all of its fats and oils having been removed? Or enjoyed a pure version of it without it having been violated through the addition of burnt sugar, otherwise known as caramel coloring?

It’s been awhile, if ever, hasn’t it? Well let’s fix that right now…

Several months ago I received a sample of Cask No. 901273 from our good friends at Signatory Vintage Independent Bottlers. This was no ordinary run of the mill, off the shelf Glenlivet though. What I sampled was a beautifully pure expression from the very heart of Speyside, aged in a gloriously rich and fruity sherry butt since November 2006. On the 21st of September 2016 this big old cask was roused from its slumber and delicately filled into bottles with only the addition of water to bring the strength down to 92 proof.

Almost 10 years spent in that cask in a dunnage warehouse deep within the Perthshire hills has resulted in a beautiful and singular expression and a style of malt that will appeal to just about every Scotch drinker I know, and may even convert a few non-whisky drinkers too. Fruit cake, toasted barley, honeycomb, butterscotch, and vanilla grace the nose, while the palate is extremely soft and approachable, with light fruits developing and more of those deliciously toasty notes appearing before they taper away and the finish begins to fade. This is a whisky that will no doubt be enjoyed by all who taste it, it’s a whisky for celebration or quiet contemplation, but above all this is a whisky for drinking.

Which brings us to the question of cost. A drinking whisky, as opposed to a collectible whisky, should by and large be on the affordable end of the spectrum, and this cask falls squarely into that category. I’m happy to be able to offer it for just $79.99, a very respectable price if I do say so myself (and I do).

All bottles come with full disclosure and information (the Signatory way of doing things) and are packed in a silver metal gift tube.

Our shipment of just over 100 bottles has arrived and when it’s gone that will be it.

Buy Online: Glenlivet 2006, 9 Year Old Single Sherry Cask Speyside Single Malt – $79.99

Denis Lynch, Vine & Table Spirits Buyer


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