have your cake, eat it and drink it too!

There is a reason why Tortuga Rums from the Cayman Islands has become our top seller here at Vine & Table.

The reason is you and your good taste. Most people who visit Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands will ultimately get to sample the product that is synonymous with the white beach paradise, Tortuga Rum Cake. Of course, many more will get to try the excellent rums that are available and believe me there are a lot of them!

Some of the best are made by The Tortuga Company themselves. I got turned onto them when I visited the islands a number of years ago only to arrive home and find that they were nowhere to be found. So off I went on a search with the importers, and in 2010 we received our first shipment much to the delight of many of our customers who for the first time could satisfy their thirst and relive happy memories of lying on a beach sipping a rum punch!

Tortuga’s flavored rums are in my humble opinion, the best flavored rums on the market. Coconut tastes like fresh coconut unlike many of the other brands on the market. It is fresh and lively with a lovely sweetness on the finish. And the banana is killer with faint whiffs of fruit on the nose and a delicate taste.

This leads me straight into Tortuga’s Spiced Rum. Spiced rums are all the rage at the moment with new brands appearing each week. However, what I like about Tortuga’s Spiced Rum is that it has none of the cloying sweetness associated with other spiced rums on the market. The color is light but the flavor is not. At first it is delicate on the nose but then the palate leads into ginger and white pepper with good spice on the finish.

The even better thing about Tortuga Rums is the price. $15.99 a bottle is far better than you will pay on the Islands!



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