Spanish Tempranillo Wine

Inquisitive about Spanish wines?

Inquisitive about Spanish wines? Look no further than Jorge Ordonez’s 2010 Volver Tempranillo for just $12.99!

Not long ago, many American tipplers would have turned up their noses at Spanish wine. After all, many of the Spanish wines available on the shelves here in the States were substandard Sherries and fusty Riojas; there was simply nothing sexy about Spanish vino! But nowadays, any good wine shop will have an array of delightful Spanish bottlings, from Garnacha to Monastrell to Tempranillo. Whatever the varietal, Spanish wine has experienced a surge in quality and popularity, and much of the renacimiento, or renaissance, is due to one man: Jorge Ordonez.

Ordonez is a living legend and owner of the Grupo Jorge Ordonez. Twice named a Robert Parker Wine Personality of the Year, among numerous other recognitions, in the late ’80s, Ordonez started to revitalize Spanish winemaking by encouraging everyone involved, from the growers to the vintners to the distributors, to modernize their methods and focus on quality over quantity. Simultaneously, he began to introduce tasty but little-known white wines like Albarino and Godello to the American market. Slowly, the changes Ordonez advocated began to take hold, and he started bringing more wines to the U.S. The wines emerging from Spain became refined, competitive, and more appreciated. Today, good Spanish wines are easy to find and easier to drink. And we have Jorge Ordonez to thank for both developments!

One of our favorite Grupo Jorge Ordonez wines is the 2010 Volver Tempranillo. It is a gorgeously deep ruby color with dark berries, cherry pit, and tobacco on the nose. On tasting, you’ll notice notes of blueberry and subtle minerality. This wine drinks with a superb clarity that is counterbalanced with a nice spiciness, making it a complex but thoroughly drinkable wine. This was our best-selling Spanish wine in 2012, and we just purchased the last 100 cases from our distributor. We are selling it for a rock bottom price of $12.99– and will apply a 10% case discount, which brings the bottle price down to $11.69 on a case of 12 bottles. Get yours now, because when they’re gone, they’re gone for good!

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