J. Rieger’s Kansas City Whiskey mixes things up

“Rectified.” For decades this word has been treated as the closest thing the whiskey world has to a curse, and for good reason. Rectified whiskies are a creation of the second half of the 19th century. Producers would add juice, caramel syrup, or other spirits to their whiskies in order to improve flavor. They did this to hide substandard spirit, dodgy ingredients, and, in far too many cases, actual poisons. In recent years the term has also been attached to the addition of oak concentrate, which artificially ages whiskey, and the addition of grain-neutral spirit to stretch a product. All of these practices have left a bad taste in consumers’ mouths (pun intended). But one company has decided to redeem the word rectified and show just how much it can improve an already quality product. Allow me to introduce you to J. Rieger. – Dave Helt, Vine & Table Spirits Buyer –

J. Rieger’s Kansas City Whiskey is made by blending straight bourbon, rye, light corn whiskey, and a touch of 15-year old Oloroso sherry. This makes for a remarkable product deserving of attention. By starting with high quality components, Rieger has the perfect canvas to create a masterpiece whiskey. On the nose cinnamon, cloves, and red berries dance on a maple syrup base. The initial sip delivers on the promised complexity, with sweet honey butter evolving into bittersweet burnt sugar before settling into the pleasant aftertaste of hazelnut coffee. The usual rye spiciness is quickly mellowed for a smooth warming finish that seems perfect for an after-dinner nightcap. Does this mean that rectified whiskies will be a new trend in whiskey? It’s hard to say. Does it mean that J. Rieger’s KC Whiskey is a delicious dram? Absolutely. And at just $34.99, you should have no hesitation in picking up a bottle to explore this blended beauty for yourself.

Buy online: J. Rieger Kansas City Whiskey-$34.99


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