Mortlach 15 year single cask strength single malt cheiftains

june’s malt of the month

June’s Malt of the Month is something very special: Mortlach 15 year old Single Cask Single Malt. Whisky aficionados know Mortlach and recognize that, while the distillery’s single malts are relatively unknown to the average whisky customer, its whiskies play a very important part in Scotland’s burgeoning blended market.

Such is the demand for Mortlach in blends like Johnnie Walker Black Label that there is no official distillery release bottle available in the US, and independent bottles are few and far between. However, I have sourced a Mortlach that has been chosen at its peak of maturity and bottled at full strength to show off the distillery’s unique character and style. This whisky has not been adulterated with artificial colors and is as pure flowing into your glass as it was when it flowed from the cask due to the decision by the bottlers not to chill filter. A wee drop of water to reduce its strength from 55.2%ABV will open the whisky up to reveal its true flavors.

Mortlach 15 year single cask strength single malt cheiftainsThe Mortlach distillery is situated next to the river Dullan in the village of Dufftown which is slap bang in the middle of Speyside. When people think of Speyside whiskies, they think of fragrant and floral notes with a distinct, lightness. However Mortlach is not a distillery that follows the regions norms. The stills produce a spirit that is rich in body and very flavorsome. Mortlach is known for its strong meaty nose with a long lasting finish. On the palate it is almost reminiscent of Bovril – a beef extract that is often used by the British and Irish in soups and stews, but more often used as a warming drink on a cold day!

These particular bottles, of which only 625 were produced, is sourced from cask number 7281 and bottled by Chieftans Independent Bottlers. It exudes all of the classic Mortlach notes, having spent fifteen years in a sherry butt. It comes in a very nice gift box, which I think would make an excellent gift for upcoming Father’s Day.

However bottles are few, when it is gone it will be gone for good, so don’t delay!
Mortlach 15 year old Single Cask Single Malt  $96.99


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