Glendronach 14 Year Old

Malt of the Month – A Tropical Malt for Tropical Weather!

The style of August’s Malt of the Month coincides nicely with the beautiful weather we are enjoying right now. When I first tasted the Glendronach 14 Year Old Virgin Oak Cask straight from the barrel at the Glendronach distillery last year, I thought I had died and gone to heaven.Glendronach 14 Year Old I was walking through the warehouses with Distillery Manager Alan McConnaghey when he stopped before a row of casks, lifted his mallet and whacked the barrel. Out came the bung and in dropped the spirit thief, and then he carefully poured the whisky into my glass. And wow, what an experience that was!

The Glendronach Distillery is best known for its heavily sherried whiskies (if you haven’t tasted the Vine & Table single cask Glendronach selected by yours truly, you’d better get on it!); however, here was a whisky that was in complete contrast to Glendronach’s typical style. This was a bright, joyful dram: tropical fruit salad, with perfectly integrated maltiness, hazelnuts, coconut, toasted oak, and spice.

Glendronach took the very best of these virgin oak casks and married them together to fill just 5,760 bottles. Of these,only 36 made their way to Indiana, with less than 20 available at Vine & Table. It will be gone soon, as will the glorious tropical weather; now might be the perfect time to enjoy both!

Slainte, Denis

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