March Malt of the Month - Glenmorangie Ealanta

march malt of the month – glenmorangie ealanta

“Too much of anything is bad, but too much of good whiskey is barely enough.” – Mark Twain

I am not kidding you when I say you will never get enough of this month’s “Malt of the Month.” Glenmorangie have done it again with a superb offering as unique as it is delicious. Ealanta is the fourth in the Private Edition series and has just been released worldwide. This is a very limited bottling and certainly deserves the attention of Highland malt enthusiasts and Bourbon lovers alike.

March Malt of the Month - Glenmorangie EalantaAs you may know, 99.99% of Scotch whisky is aged in casks that have previously held another liquid, e.g., bourbon, sherry, port, Madeira, etc., the thought being that new oak would dominate the delicate flavors of the whisky.

But not this malt! Ealanta, which was distilled in 1993, spent its entire 19 years maturing in new, charred American oak casks. The Glenmorangie team has spent decades experimenting with different woods with many excellent results.  In the case of Ealanta (Gaelic for skilled and ingenious), the wood was sourced by Dr Bill Lumsden, Head of Distilling and Whisky Creator for Glenmorangie, from the Mark Twain National Forest in Missouri.  A specific patch of slow growth trees was chosen and the cut staves were air-dried for two years. After a heavy char and 19 years in the barrel, the resulting spirit is absolutely outstanding.

It is Glenmorangie at its finest, with all the whiskies flavors amplified within the glass. The nose is rich with baked apple tart, vanilla, honey and hazelnut. The palate has rich caramel, vanilla ice-cream, spice and almond. It is incredibly smooth and soothing on the finish. Definitely one of the best whiskies I have tasted from Glenmorangie in a while, I expect to see it go the way of the other limited release editions: SOLD OUT!

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  1. Love the Mark Twain quote. It is inscribed on a glass decanter filled with Laphroig sitting in my office.

    What is the price on this Malt of the Month?

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