Meet Corey, V&T’s new Beer Buyer!

One of the upsides of the recent turnover at Vine & Table has been the arrival of some new and incredibly knowledgeable staff. Today we introduce Corey Davis, our new Beer Buyer!

Corey is a self-confessed beer geek who first fell into the world of craft beers while exploring local breweries with his friends. Initially a hop-head, he became a home brewer and began studying the science behind brewing. Through first-hand experience he quickly learned how subtle changes in the brewing process can dramatically affect the final product. This exposure encouraged Corey to try a wider range of styles and delve even further into the magical world of beer. Eventually, after years of missing out on special releases and brewing events, he left the automotive field to pursue a career in beer.

Corey’s seen every side of the retail beer industry, from being a store clerk to buyer to general manager. Throughout he has continued to educate himself on current and emerging trends in the business. We are delighted to have him on board and hope that Corey’s passion for beer will bring you by to say hello and to check out what he’s bringing in to V&T!



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