Cycle Buff Beauty Wine

Misfits’ Cycle Buff Beauty Isn’t Flippant

We all know wine is serious business, but once in a while a product comes to our attention that reminds us that wine can be awfully fun too. The 2011 Misfits Wine Co. Cycle Buff Beauty is a hoot – from its  label, reminiscent of something out of a James Bond movie (think scantily clad women fleeing from fearsome biker dudes), to the blend inside the bottle – a curious mix of 80% Shiraz and 20% Malbec – it’s impossible not to enjoy this wine.

Fun as it is, Cycle Buff Beauty isn’t flippant. It’s a beautiful garnet color in the glass, and the nose opens with a nice yeasty note that reflects the Shiraz well. The nose also carries hints of plums, cherries jubilee, and an underlying essence of lavender. On tasting, you’ll find that the Shiraz-Malbec blend plays out as you might expect – the wine isn’t as supple as a 100% Shiraz and the Malbec really perks up the front of your tongue and rattles your senses. It’s a drier wine, with flavors of sour cherry, black currant, and ripe blackberry all melded together. About halfway through, we detect hints of new rubber eraser (in a good way!), and the finish has a touch of smokiness. Cycle Buff Beauty pairs really well with food, especially tomato-laden Italian fare. It’s a racy wine that befits its racy label and is as enjoyable to drink as any other blend in the store.

Cycle Buff Beauty 2011-Full bodied- blue flowers, jammy black currants and blackberries, lush tannins with exotic spices. 90% Shiraz, 10% Malbec from 80% Wrattonbully and 20% McLaren Vale Shiraz.


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