My Friday night pizza wine!

I close the shop Friday evenings and since last Friday night was pizza-night at my house, I had to have a pizza wine, and of course I immediately thought of Mollydooker. Having done that I was also reminded of the huge Mollydooker following we have.  Last year we sold A LOT of cases of Mollydooker in the store and I wanted to do something to say we appreciate your support.

As a special thank you for buying your Mollydooker wines at Vine & Table, we are now offering it to you at an even lower price.

Mollydooker Shiraz “The Boxer” 2009 $23.99

Mollydooker “Two Left Feet” Blend 2009 $23.99

Mollydooker Cabernet Sauvignon “The Maitre’d” 2009 $23.99

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