Xarmant Txakoli Blanco 2012

my summer pick

There is no shortage of great Spanish wines available these days, and we have seen more than our fair share of them over the last couple of years. From richly textured Riojas to big juicy Garnacha and crisp white Albarino, I have seen them all and practically drank them all too!

But the Spanish wine that I keep well-stocked this time of the year is Xarmant Txakoli Blanco 2012Txakoli. Txakoli (Cha-ko-lee, for you and me!) is probably the most refreshing white wine you will taste on your deck this summer; it’s that good, extremely drinkable and very affordable.

The wine is typically made and enjoyed in Spain’s northern Basque region from two local indigenous grapes, Hondarribi Zuri and Hondarribi Beltza. These grapes are highly acidic when harvested resulting in a bright, fresh dry wine, which is low in alcohol and just slightly effervescent. Txakoli is typically poured from a height into small glasses; the spray makes tiny little bubbles, which create those sparkles. Try this at your own peril!

Spaniards typically drink Txakoli alongside pinxtos (pinch-os), which are bite-sized tapas that are served on a toothpick or skewer. I like to serve patatas bravas – chorizo, manchego and bacon-wrapped dates.
So, if you want to add a little adventure to your summer wine drinking then Txakoli should be on your list. It’s on mine!

Xarmant Txakoli Blanco 2012 $14.99 Bottle | $161.89 Case (12)


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