New at Vine & Table!

Keeping you engaged and interested is our goal, so we are constantly tweaking the way we buy, market, sell and look.  Although our core values never change, to stay relevant to you, our valued customer, everything else must evolve. And so we have…

Vine & Table gourmet market was just a name on paper 4 years ago. We knew who we were, what we were going to sell, our promise to you and the experience we wanted to impart every time you walk through our door or visit us online.  But when Vine & Table gourmet market and were created, we had no idea what technology would be coming down the road. There were no iPhones and iPads back then and I’m not even sure twitter and facebook were around. If they were, they were not in our vocabulary.  Since you are reading this in a blog posting, that was quite possibly sent to you via twitter, facebook, email or all three, you can see that we have been changing along the way to stay better connected to you. The time has come for us to evolve even further and ensure that we are truly connecting to you in the media in which you are most comfortable. So to accomplish all of this we’ve been busy, let me bring you up to date on the latest from Vine & Table gourmet market:

eat drink evolve at Vine & Table gourmet marketnot just a website, but a frame of mind… is a special on-line experience bringing Indianapolis-area food and drink enthusiasts together in one local community-focused website.   With you are just a click away from the newest product, latest feature or event available at Vine & Table gourmet market.  From expert articles and special events to the Taste of Vine & Table Club forum, you have the opportunity to join in, learn and evolve… all while having fun.  We are all really excited about this new communication tool and hope you will find it to be useful, interactive, exciting and informative.

Taste of Vine & Table food and wine of the month clublearning never tasted so good…
After months of research, surveys, customer feedback, taste testing and good old fashioned hard work we’ve developed for you what we believe is the most evolved and appealing food and wine club available.  Taste of Vine & Table is the NEW gourmet food and wine of the month club and we are crazy excited to be rolling it out. Let our expert team guide you through the exciting and delicious world of food and wine. Monthly membership includes: one bottle of the finest quality wine, a perfectly paired cheese, specialty item or gourmet food and information, commentary, recipes, tips and more. Membership includes EXCLUSIVE access to our Club Forum and monthly FREE wine & cheese flights.  Join the fun and let your palate evolve as you explore new taste experiences.

QR codes at Vine & Tablewant to know more?
Have you noticed the addition of shelf talkers and QR codes in the wine shop? The shelf talkers are there for your convenience to help give you a quick flavor profile of each wine. You will see words such as, sweet, dry, full bodied, nutty, etc.  All of these are characteristics of wines and we hope that they will be an added benefit to you while shopping.  For those who are more tech savvy, we have included QR codes as well, once scanned using an iPhone App, it will direct you to our website where you can view the entire description of the wine, ratings and more.  Keep an eye out, you will be able to use the QR code technology in the cheese department really soon as well.

Vine & Table Cheese speaking of the cheese department…
Our cheese department has undergone the largest transformation yet!  With the untimely demise of a few cheese coolers, we decided to take the opportunity to bring all of the cheese into one location allowing us to better assist you. With the long awaited arrival of our final cooler from Europe we have re-evaluated our very large assortment and fine-tuned our product line. By mid-August our cheese department will have about 50 new artisan cheeses added. Some are great old classics that we have not had for years and others will be new and very tasty imports and domestics.


green at Vine & Table gourmet marketreduce, recycle, reuse….
2011 has been our year to continue our commitment to responsible and environmentally friendly practices. Here’s a quick run-down of some of our initiatives:

We’ve switched out plastic cups, plastic-ware, and straws to biodegradable materials.  Biodegradable products are made of plants products that break down on their own and don’t require recycling.  Rather you just toss them in with your trash or into your compost pile and mother-earth takes care of the rest.  Our carry-out salad bowls, soup cups, napkins and bags are all being switched over to recycled post-consumer product or to products that can be recycled once finished.

What’s that bright light from above? We have changed out 90% of our lights to compact fluorescent or LED light bulbs. Some still question whether or not these new bulbs make a difference. But take it from me, they do. When we would turn on our spot/flood lights in the store, the temperature would raise 10 degrees within an hour.  So not only do the new bulbs save energy and money, but they also drastically cut down the need for additional cooling.  Additionally, we are currently waiting to have all new energy efficient heating and cooling units craned onto the roof later this summer. Lower utilities bills for us mean lower prices for you our valued customer.

A lot of great things are happening at Vine & Table, both in-store and online, we certainly hope you will enjoy them all and find the concept of eat drink evolve to be as helpful and fun as we hope it will be.

Steve Buehre
Store Manager

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