Old Country Goodness 25% off – your last chance until autumn

As Jonathan Swift said, “If winter is here, can spring be far behind?” While he wasn’t talking correlating that to Journeyman O.C.G. Apple Cider Liqueur, his observation is nonetheless timely. We laid in a goodly supply of O.C.G. (Old Country Goodness) in the fall and many of you had the pleasure of trying a bottle, but now spring is on the way and it’s time to make room for new stuff. –Dan Angelo, Vine & Table Spirits Specialist 

So we’re marking down our existing stock by 25%, taking it from $14.99 to $11.99! When this is gone, we won’t be seeing it again until next autumn. For those of you unlucky few who have not tried it, O.C.G. is a refreshing blend of apple cider, rye whiskey, and spices. Its remarkably well-balanced blend is at once both tart and warm with just a hint of autumn spice and the bite of rye to take the nip out of the air. Serve it either cold or warm, your insides will be warmed either way.

Buy online: Journeyman Old Country Goodness Apple Liqueur-$11.99
Compare at $14.99

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 Vine & Table #301