our exclusive small batch bourbon has arrived!

Vine & Table’s very own Exclusive Angel’s Envy Micro-Batch Port Cask Finished Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey has arrived!

This unique and never to be repeated blend is the creation of Vine & Table’s beverage team. Early one cold winter morning a few months ago, the team gathered together to do what no (Indiana) store has done before, and select our very own micro-batch bourbon whiskey.  After three hours of nosing, sipping, sampling and mingling, we all agreed on the perfect formula. The whiskey was comprised of bit of this (15% of Batch 2A), a bit of that (15% of Batch 2B) and a bigger bit of the other (70% of Batch 3C). The result, a deliciously rich and complex bourbon, unlike anything else in the store. To say we are happy about our batch would be an understatement!

Angel’s Envy Port Finished Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Vine & Table Blend

Our whiskey is rich with aromas of maple syrup, vanilla and spice. It is soft on the palate but then the flavor begins to come alive, with brown sugar, the rich dark fruit from the port, light oak and spices, with a lovely long soothing finish. This is one hell of a whiskey which will not last long! (Only 120 bottles made).

Vine & Table Beverage Team

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 Vine & Table #301